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Addressing the need for increased mental health provision | Letters

The enhance in the quantity of individuals with mental well being issues , resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic and from the exacerbation of pre-existing problems by lockdowns and self-isolation, has been predicted since early in the pandemic (Thousands and thousands in England face ‘second pandemic’ of psychological overall health difficulties, 21 February). What has been lacking has been a apparent tactic for addressing these overwhelming difficulties.

One trouble may well be that the companies required are not biomedical but psychological and include social solutions. Neither senior nor NHS neighborhood administration have begun properly to combine these providers into their organizing. As the December 2021 update to the NHS psychological professions workforce plan for England commented, it “shone a spotlight on the psychological professions specially because of the substantial expansion demanded in people occupations and since the unique contribution of these various roles is not broadly understood”.

Training supplemental staff members will just take a long time. Four actions could be taken that will make a quick distinction. Very first, appoint a chief psychological professions officer at countrywide level. Next, require support commissioners to identify a specialist clinical psychologist to offer them with advice regarding psychological issues, therapies and service organisation. 3rd, have to have NHS trusts to maximise the effectiveness of their psychological services by making sure that they are led by a expert scientific psychologist and all companies of psychological therapies are sufficiently supervised by scientific psychologists. And previous, minimise the decline of skilled psychological therapists from the NHS by offering funded profession pathways.
Bernard Kat
Director, Association of Clinical Psychologists Uk

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