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Fresh Focus episodes #55-57: Celebrating National Nutrition Month

Fresh Focus episodes #55-57: Celebrating National Nutrition Month

Contemporary Aim is a podcast run by registered dietitian nutritionists at the Marion VA and who collaborate with dietitians nationwide. In these episodes, we learn more about Nationwide Nutrition Month.

Clean Concentration episode #55: What is Countrywide Nutrition Month?

March is Countrywide Diet Month and is a chance to celebrate feeding on nutritious. Nationwide registered dietitian nutritionist day is also in March and is a probability to showcase dietitians as the foods and diet industry experts. Each and every yr we rejoice with a new topic and for 2022 the theme is “Celebrate a entire world of Flavors.”

This year’s theme suggests diversifying our food items selections and remaining open up to new flavors, cuisines and taking in activities.

It is probable to take what we like from distinctive global nutritional patterns and integrate them into our lives in balanced, individualized means. We can nevertheless have our own personalized likes and dislikes while getting what we take pleasure in from different nutritional views.

In episode #55, dietitian nutritionist Sara Peidle breaks down the gains of deciding on foodstuff from all corners of the world.

Contemporary Concentration episode #56: Check with the dietitian

Have you ever observed a VA dietitian? If not, you could possibly be asking yourself what to talk to when you are in the place of work. From what is the finest way to drop body weight, what to eat when absent from our houses, to how a lot sodium is too significantly are each day discussions in our specialty.

Bethany, a registered dietitian nutritionist from the Louis A Johnson VA , joins Fresh Concentration on episode #56 in which she answers the most popular inquiries she will get questioned by Veterans and their family members associates.

Fresh new Concentrate episode #57: Digesting nutrition from social media

It’s common to see misinformation about nourishment. Science is intricate and scientific analysis can be tough to critically assess. Specially for diet, quite a few facets of the wellness sector are unregulated, this sort of as dietary supplements and complement corporations.

With all the bewildering nourishment facts out there, how do we know which industry experts to trust or how to tell a credible resource from a non-credible supply?

VA dietitian nutritionist Erin Gobeille in Clean Focus episode #57 reminds us that a superior place to start off is info penned by experts in the industry. Examine for authors with the M.D., Ph.D., or RD/RDN qualifications. Glimpse at the author’s skills. Ideally they should really be educated in the discipline of nourishment and dietetics and preferably maintain a diploma from accredited university, this kind of as a registered dietitian.

You can also test to see if they belong to a credible nutrition firm like the Academy of Nourishment and Dietetics.